Monday, August 29, 2016

One of The Best Contemporary Jewellery: Rajanya Terracotta

In this modern age, everyone is fond of fashion. It's not just clothing but the  jewellery has become one of the most important fashion statement.

Not only adult enjoys wearing varieties of jewellery but also the kids. I am too fond of jewellery, be it  handicrafts or hand made or just a real diamonds.  One of the most fashionable and handmade jewellery I have ever known is Terracotta jewellery, one of the oldest forms of jewellery in the world. Terracotta is an Italian word that means "cooked earth".

There have been several ornaments like earrings, ear studs, necklaces, pendants, bangles and bracelets, all coloured and well polished made of terracotta. Many terracotta figurines also have been unearthed that had elaborate depictions of artistic jewellery.

Rajanya Terracotta is one of the famous designs mostly inspired by nature and depicted animals, leaves, flowers and then moved on to traditional motifs and elaborate patterns.

Let you know that Terracotta is hard red earthenware. They are available in beautiful color combinations.

Today the terracotta jewellery makes exotic dressing style when worn with the traditional nomadic or tribal dresses. It has become a fashion statement now, they create elegant and rustic appeal and you can choose  various earthen colors of pink, red, green, indigo, rust or gray. It has got a traditional shapes like animals or the tribal gods or a more contemporary look by using abstract shapes and designs.

You can observe the varied cultures and moods of Indian heritage which are reflected in terracotta fashion jewellery. They are popular because of their ethnic style and beautiful bright colors. It is a rage among fashion conscious people. These are often handmade and its variety is at par with the expensive items in terms of beauty of design and the variety offered.

Terracotta fashion jewellery has a rustic and a very earthen appeal. It is in vogue as an accessory with the traditional as well as the contemporary casual wear. The products include necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets, bangles, danglers and pendants. One such terracotta jewellery designer is Ashwini Prasad from Bengaluru (Bangalore) who represents Rajanya has slowly grown in stature and is now privileged to have built a reputation as one of the best terracotta jewellery maker's in the country.

The exquisite Rajanya's collection includes terracotta jewellery sets as well as just earrings and pendants to suit the dressing style of women of all ages. Rajanya Terracotta has whole range of exquisite terracotta jewellery. Find it on Facebook for Rajanya Terracotta Jewellery Collections.

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