Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Know your real self.

Know your real self

The man who has daily inured himself to habits of concentrated attention, energetic volition and self-denial in unnecessary things will stand like a tower when everything rocks around him and when his softer fellow-mortals are winnowed like chaff in the blast.
William James

Concentration on your Higher Self (the soul within) will encourage detachment and detachment will lead to power.

Everything in creation (as we understand it) is influenced by the law of magnetism. The law of magnetism teaches us that whatever we concentrate upon, we draw to ourselves. If we focus on goodness, our life can be a garden of happiness; if we concentrate on wealth, we will draw wealth to ourselves.

Success in life presupposes the power of concentration. Just as a magnet draws to itself iron filings and not rice grains, so too, the quality of our focused thoughts will create a dynamic but silent power within that will find us placed in situations akin to the nature of our thoughts. If we think ' good health ' and with faith and belief embed this deeply within our minds over a sustained period of time, we will gradually create for ourselves situations and an environment, which will be conducive to good health. Yet as we understand the workings of this power , it is essential that we not misuse power and that we be more involved in purifying our desires so that all that we seek only be bathed in the hue of wisdom and righteousness. Before we choose we always have an option, but once chosen, each action will bring forth a concomitant reaction.

Each of us is born with a certain degree of latent developed concentration, but the more we are aware of the existence of this power, and the more we seek to consciously use it, the more will we actually develop it. Men of success are men of concentration. Nothing of essence in life is achieved without concentration.

Be it in prayer, business, sport, art, or healing, concentration is the real key which helps one harness one's inner divine potential. Concentration aids you in drawing more of the life energy into your physical self and thereby raising your level of existence to higher layers of awareness. As you spiritualize your consciousness through Guru-channeled techniques of concentration, your energy pattern becomes more vibrant and pure, ushering all round tranquility and calmness into the temple of your mind.

With good concentration one can fulfill a task in virtually half the time and with double the accuracy of an average person. Paramahansa Yogananda said that we should do our interesting and enjoyable duties with all our heart and the uninteresting ones with our deepest attention. As we concentrate with will power on the task at hand, we learn to shut out unnecessary disturbing thoughts, doing nothing haphazardly. The mind thereby attains the ability to be one-pointed. The greatest power, remember always, is lodged in the fine, never in the coarse.

When one is able to lift a heavy object with muscles flexing, we appreciate the physical strength and the look and feel of the muscular part, but we must remind ourselves that the power to lift comes not from the muscles but from the life energy within, which in turn is drawn by the power of will and concentration. The greater the will and the more focused one's thoughts, the greater will be the inflow of the life force.

Each thought that we think forms a pattern in our brain cell grooves. These patterns then determine what our future patterns of existence will be. If we wish to change the nature of the existent (past) patterns or if we seek to create desired patterns (circumstances) it is vital to understand the workings of the science of concentration. Though any sincere practice in concentration may seem arduous and boring at the outset, after some time, internal interest is definitely developed.

The platitude before the flowering is only natural as new forms of mental thought seek to erase typical thought habits of the past. Evil and harmful habits are what we have gifted ourselves through concentrating repeatedly on the wrong thought patterns and now if we are to be rid of them, it is necessary to concentrate on the opposite. For example, if we have a habit of biting our nails, we must concentrate on seeing ourselves as living without any trace (even in imagination) of that habit. We must see only the goal, and the obstacles will fall off by themselves. With the coming of His Divine light, the darkness of eons can melt away.

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