Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrilled on grilled..

It is a freaky summer..Why planning to go outside...this was my word. But then I thought to give a break. Why the hell I am here at home in the evening when I have got the option to go out and hang out with friends..Yes, then I decided to get ready and take a break!

But where??? dine out!! Yes...this was a good idea to enjoy summer days. I went to GK I..May be you have heard the name, for grilled dine-a-bite!!!

Yes, the place is small though, I was feeling comfortable and cosy. So are its portions and menu cards - petite chic. But don't get me wrong- in smaller lies a larger meaning, though. A wholesome approach to eating grilled food at regular intervals for a fitter you!! hehehehehe...

Look out for over 20 types of grilled 'bites' with 10 varieties of sauces to top 'em up. So without sweating the small stuff, I opted for chicken stuffed with a trio of cheese with honey - mustard sauce. It was enthralling - plain, non-greasy and light for a muggy summer night.

I was up for seconds in no time. Well, I enjoyed the food very much.

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