Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ways to Handle Stress!

Here's some ways you can handle stress:

1. Get rid of what's causing the stress - if you can, (no, that doesn't mean your younger brother or sister or your parents).

2. Change your attitude toward what's causing the stress. (Easy to write, hard to do).

3. Face up to what's causing the stress until it isn’t stressful anymore.

4. Avoid hassles. Identify the things that stress you out and eliminate them or prepare yourself to cope with them. Take a day off, that's what weekends are for.

5. Pursue a new hobby or sport. Take time to do what you enjoy.

6. Don't deny or repress your emotions, this only compounds stress. Don't be afraid to cry, crying can relieve anxiety and let out bottled-up emotions which will relieve feelings of stress.

7. Work on creating a stress-free place in your home. Your room should be a safe stress-free place for you to go to. Decorate it so you find it calming, soothing and safe.

8. Talk to your Family and Friends. When you can talk to your parents in a loving and secure family, then that can help relieve a lot of the stress that you bring home from other places. BUT home is not heaven for a lot of teens and you can often run into many stressful situations there as you would anywhere else. You may have a close friend or a friend's parent(s) that you can talk to instead.

9. If you feel you simply cannot handle the stress in your life, consider outside help. You may be able to talk to a guidance counselor at school, or you may want to consult a qualified counselor or other practitioner who can help you handle your problems and learn effective stress reduction techniques.

It is often beneficial to talk with someone who can offer an objective response whether a trusted friend or a professional counselor.

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